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    BigBoards - I've got a working prototype

    In the era of big data, PC stands for personal cluster
  • You can live Healthy, Cure your illness with Healing Drinks and Tincture

    You can live Healthy, Cure your illness with Healing Drinks and Tincture - Early growth

    You can live Healthy, Cure your illness with Healing Drinks and Tincture Alternative Medicine Healing Center help people to cure different type of illness with Traditional medicine with healing drinks, jams and tinctures made of natural healing; fruit, vegetables, nuts and herbs;
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    Billable Contacts

    Billable Contacts - Just launched!

    Invoicing for Google and Google Apps Users
  • Colloquo

    Colloquo - I've got a plan!

    Use time credits to become more fluent in foreign languages

Awesome westartup mentors near you

  • Gilbert West
    Gilbert West

    Gilbert West

    I am building reporting tools that will help organisations make smart decisions about how to improve their website content based on what their customers really want. Prior to this I spent 12 years helping individuals and organisations build and improve their web sites. Specialties Turning Google Analytics data into useful, actionable information for your business.
  • Ghislaine Bovy
    Ghislaine Bovy

    Ghislaine Bovy

    Consultant in Marketing & Communications, I developed an expertise in Digital Marketing. From design recommendations to content management, I review websites, issue recommendations in design, content and SEO strategies and tactics. I'm also a Community Manager on Social Media platforms, a Coach and Mentor for start-ups.
  • Tjorven Denorme
    Tjorven Denorme

    Tjorven Denorme

    I'm co-founder of eMenKa en co-organizer of Bizcamp Belgium. With 2 partners I started eMenKa 7 years ago. Today it is a company with 50+ .Net developers. I'm also well known in the Belgian startup community and often act as a (sales)mentor to startups.
  • Willem Deleus
    Willem Deleus

    Willem Deleus

    Willem is a world-class pathfinder who excels in initiating and leading start up initiatives while launching solutions into international markets. He is a senior product management and marketing champion with a general manager attitude. Experienced in leading international cross-functional teams who values freedom, accomplishment and integrity. He obtained an Executive MBA degree, a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and holds a qualification in Arts.

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