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Westartup is the place to find new startup opportunities, build your network and knowledge.

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    Billable Contacts

    Billable Contacts - Just launched!

    Invoicing for Google and Google Apps Users
  • Colloquo

    Colloquo - I've got a plan!

    Use time credits to become more fluent in foreign languages
  • logo_sentigrate_only

    Sentigrate - I've got a plan!

    Integrating the Internet of Things in SME's
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    My local market

    My local market - It's just an idea...

    a market place for local producers of food and non-food (knives, clothes, jewelry...)

Awesome westartup mentors near you

  • Gilbert West
    Gilbert West

    Gilbert West

    I am building reporting tools that will help organisations make smart decisions about how to improve their website content based on what their customers really want. Prior to this I spent 12 years helping individuals and organisations build and improve their web sites. Specialties Turning Google Analytics data into useful, actionable information for your business.
  • Ghislaine Bovy
    Ghislaine Bovy

    Ghislaine Bovy

    Consultant in Marketing & Communications, I developed an expertise in Digital Marketing. From design recommendations to content management, I review websites, issue recommendations in design, content and SEO strategies and tactics. I'm also a Community Manager on Social Media platforms, a Coach and Mentor for start-ups.
  • Tjorven Denorme
    Tjorven Denorme

    Tjorven Denorme

    I'm co-founder of eMenKa en co-organizer of Bizcamp Belgium. With 2 partners I started eMenKa 7 years ago. Today it is a company with 50+ .Net developers. I'm also well known in the Belgian startup community and often act as a (sales)mentor to startups.
  • Willem Deleus
    Willem Deleus

    Willem Deleus

    Willem is a world-class pathfinder who excels in initiating and leading start up initiatives while launching solutions into international markets. He is a senior product management and marketing champion with a general manager attitude. Experienced in leading international cross-functional teams who values freedom, accomplishment and integrity. He obtained an Executive MBA degree, a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and holds a qualification in Arts.

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