Q: At what stage of development would you recommend to post a project?

A: The sooner the better. You could be sitting on a potential gold mine – or could be wasting your time. Westartup community can help you figure out which is which, and of course the earlier you do, the earlier you dig into the gold mine… or stop wasting time.

Q: Are ideas posted on the site legally protected in some way?

A: Short answer: nope.

Long answer: we asked an IP lawyer, Joren De Wachter, for his advice. You can read his answer here.

Q: How do I add a picture to my profile?

A: Here’s the link: http://westartup/profile/profile-edit/profile-edit-personal/

Q: I’m looking for a co-founder (mentor, investor). How do I find relevant people near me?

A: To see who else of westartup community members is nearby and to reach out to themall you need to do is…

  • click on People in the top menu
  • select country (My country or by name) and city (My city or by name)
  • Click Show

You can also make a precise search select by various roles and role-specific criteria, but to make this feature work well we need more people. So go forth and recruit more new westartup members!! ;)

Q: I’ve just left my first comment, but it doesn’t appear on the site.  What’s up with that? 

A. It’s awaiting moderation by admin. It’s done to every first comment by any user (so don’t take it personally please) to prevent spam.  Used to be a massive problem on the site till we installed this procedure.   

Once your first comment has been approved, all your future comments will appear instantly.

Q: I’ve just posted my project, and I’d like to let people know I’m looking for a co-founder, mentor or investor.  How do I do that? 

A: Go to your project’s page, click on the EDIT PROJECT button.  Then, at the bottom of the page click on SAVE AND MOVE ON – next page will appear.  Around the middle of this next page you should see “Are you looking for people to help you with this idea/project?”.  Check that box and the boxes that open up after you do.

Q: I don’t see the project I’ve just posted on the site’s timeline… what’s wrong?  

A: you may have set the visibility of the project on “Private”.  To change that, go to http://www.westartup.eu/profile/ – you should see your project there – click on your project, click the blue EDIT PROJECT button on the right-hand side, then click on SAVE AND MOVE ON button.  On the second page of project edit, make sure that you change the visibility of your project to the right level of visibility – either to everyone or to all community members.   Don’t forget to share the project via your social media – odds are someone of your friends might be able to help too! 

Q: How does the helpful members algorithm work?  Is it linked to Karma?  And, how can I get on that list? 

A: “Most Helpful Members” algorithm is based on your contributions to the community: your score goes up if your comments on projects and Answers to Questions are appreciated by other community members.  Karma is not taken into account for that purpose – it is a different algorithm that that takes into account the overall amount of your activity on westartup and rewards certain kinds of activity.  So, if you post a lot of projects or a lot of Questions you’ll get a lot of Karma – but you’re not going to be a very “helpful member”. 

Q: How can I add a URL of my site to the project page on westartup? 

A: Click on the EDIT PROJECT button and add the URL in the field provided for it (towards the bottom of the first of two pages)


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