• Leo Exter

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    Leo Exter

    Brussels, Belgium

    I do my best to help others start awesome businesses.

    Role: entrepreneur
    Background/main expertise: Marketing
    Industry experience: Advertising and Marketing Services | Education, Training, Coaching and Recruitment | Fast Moving Consumer Goods
    Interests: apps | bootstrapping | cryptocurrency | event management | events

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    Devil’s Advocates

    03-07-2014 Brussels, Belgium

    specialist consultancy that is never afraid to give negative feedback

    Stage: 1 : Raw idea 2 3 4 5 6
    Industry: Services to business (consulting & research bureaus, graphic services, ...)
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    Advanced Care Planning app

    07-03-2014 Brussels, Belgium

    App that allows care provider to immediately register (and quickly retrieve) wishes of the patient (such as Do Not Resuscitate order) in a digital format and incorporate them into the patient record.

    Stage: 1 : Raw idea 2 3 4 5 6
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  • LingoGlobe.com




    08-03-2017 Belgium

    Language Exchange Community - we are looking for expert in startups.

    Stage: 1 2 3 4 5 6 : Going global
    Industry: Education, Training, Coaching and Recruitment | Social business
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  • TagCity


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    27-02-2017 Kortrijk, Belgium

    TagCity is an online platform where you can browse through thousands of coupons and deals for all your favorite brands.

    Stage: 1 2 3 4 5 : Early growth 6
    Industry: Internet and Online Services/Retail | Services to consumers
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    17-02-2017 Brussels, Belgium

    European Banking Data

    Stage: 1 2 : Clear plan 3 4 5 6
    Industry: Financial services
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How do I make a cheap&simple website (that looks professional too) ?

Lucas is right - though I would focus on WordPress for two simple reasons: - There are a lot more WordPress developers out there, so if you need help it's easy to find - For the same reason devleopment in WordPress is a lot cheaper You can get a…

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How do I create a mailing list & link it to my website?

In my experience, the simplest solution that is a little bit future-proof is to create a Mailchimp http://mailchimp.com/ account and to add the form from Mailchimp to your website. In Mailchimp you can generate the actual form that can be impo…

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How do I add video content to my website?

If you're planning to do a WordPress site, the easiest way indeed is YouTube as Lucas suggests. I would go further: create a YouTube channel with the name of your business, upload video there, then you can import it into WordPress or practically a…

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