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Ambertree -

Ambertree is an online platform that uses natural language processing and data visualization to help organisations capture and enhance the value of their information.

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The architecture of Ambertree is build on three “blocks”:
1. Information Extraction: using natural language processing/artificial intelligence technology to “pull” the client-relevant information from documents and e-mails.
2. Library: the information of the clients’ files is related to each other, creating an interconnected web of meaningful concepts.
3. Visualization: when users search for information, they will not only find directly relevant documents, but will also be able to navigate a 3D representation of the structure of their library’s information – so they can see how particular concepts relate to one another, where their organisation is strong, and where opportunities for improvement remain.

What problem you're solving and for whom? If you don't know yet, just say so

Many organisations struggle with managing their information (scattered across documents, e-mails and other files) and using it to support their innovation and knowledge management. They organize documents in a folder structure or with tags, but the investment and costs often do not result in meaningful insight. Documents are duplicated, knowledge communities become disconnected and the potential value of the organisation's information is not captured (let alone increased).

Ambertree is designed to help knowledge-focused organisations (consultancy, academia, R&D, etc.) lower knowledge management costs and reduce information search times, and support knowledge building and exchange. Overall, Ambertree is built on three principles:
1. Knowledge is Medium-Independent : disconnect knowledge/information from the medium (documents)
2. Knowledge is Organic : knowledge grows and changes as information is added, so tools for knowledge management should be designed for this flexibility
3. Knowledge is Relational: knowledge consists of a whole of interconnected concepts

Where's the money? (uh... what's the business model)

Ambertree will be made available on a per-user subscription basis + additional features will be made available for an additional fee + client-specific projects (building context-specific information extraction models, (knowledge management) consultancy, etc.)

How are you going to tell the world about it? Don't just say social media - be specific or say you don't know yet

Marketing plan under development.


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