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Nonect is a tool that streamlines communication between recruiters and IT professionals

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Nonect acts as a broadcaster and spam shield for IT professionals. When looking for a new job, your profile is sent out anonymously to a large number of recruiters (50+). They propose the matching projects that they currently have in their portfolio. When you are interested, you are introduced to each other.

For IT talents, this provides a low effort method of finding the current matching projects on the market. Dealing with spam is a matter of clicking “No thanks” instead of spending 10 awkward minutes on the telephone with a pushy recruiter. It’s easy, free and complete.

For recruiters, it provides high quality notifications of available talents. Somebody who indicates they are looking, is worth much more than 100 “Thanks, but no thanks” calls. It allows recruiters with a good portfolio to shine through the noise.

What problem you're solving and for whom? If you don't know yet, just say so

The IT recruitment market is red hot. There is a shortage of skilled professionals and an abundance of projects. Whenever a new project is launched, an army of recruiters starts cold calling their network to find available talents. This is highly inefficient.

Recruiters spend most of their days calling and mailing IT talents that are currently not available. In order to maximise their chances, they play a numbers game and the quality of the matches suffers in the process. Keyword matching, mass mailing, etc . It's impossible to break through the noise with quality offers.

Technology professionals, as a result, get bombarded with requests while they are not looking. Every IT worker has a mailbox full of non-matching proposals from recruiters. When they do decide it's time for a new job, there is no real overview of the market and any profile in high demand that dares to post something on LinkedIn is swamped by offers, most of them low-quality.

There should be a better way.

Where's the money? (uh... what's the business model)

Recruiters will pay to be part of the network. A monthly subscription in exchange for high quality leads.

How are you going to tell the world about it? Don't just say social media - be specific or say you don't know yet

Recruiters are all on LinkedIn, so that would be the major channel to find them.

IT talents will be reached through Twitter/Facebook/Google advertisement and through IT related media channels (forums, subreddits, ...) The media strategy needs to be worked out.

There could be some potential in having IT talents share "I found a new project through Nonect" on SM.


June 8, 2017 12:52 am

The MVP was launched a week ago and 50 recruiters have signed up for the Belgian market. I\'m getting about about 1 available talent notification per day through limited Twitter/Google advertising. At this point, I\'ve opened up the Netherlands and hope to get similar results there. While this is a market study and no money is being made, real connections are formed and there have been two job interviews as a result.


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