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Vibcure -

Platform to choose and buy super specialty treatment packages from 80+ certified hospitals and clinics in India

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Vibcure helps the people to find the right healthcare provider from the network of 80+ accredited hospitals and clinics in India in their budget and city of their own choice. Vibcure provides all the end to end support such as appointment booking, second opinion, video consultation, price negotiation, logistics arrangement and post surgery follow up support to its customer. Besides this we also support our customers in availing financial assistance from banks where-ever possible to support its treatment. Our product is very useful for those who are willing to travel to India for the treatment for different parts of world for a quality healthcare service at nominal cost

What problem you're solving and for whom? If you don't know yet, just say so

We are a healthcare company helping the people at large to discover the right tertiary healthcare provider in their budget by providing them pre negotiated deals and end to end support during the treatment. A buyer does not have to run after the hospitals or clinics but gets all information at the convenience of click. Currently the industry lacks any reliable and credible source to get all possible options available under a single roof and therefore ends up making a wrong selection of doctor or an expensive choice.

Where's the money? (uh... what's the business model)

We make money by multiple means which includes referral fee from the hospitals on the patients finally getting the treatment done in the partner clinic. Besides this we also have pre-negotiated rates with certain clinics where the products are sold at margins. In addition to this, we also make money from commissions on logistics services.

How are you going to tell the world about it? Don't just say social media - be specific or say you don't know yet

We have a detailed marketing plan in place which we have been implementing for sometime. It includes digital advertisements on Google, Facebook, blogs etc. Besides we are also focussing on building strong SEO so as to drive the traffic. In addition to the digital means, we also want to undertake offline marketing.

Are there any specific questions you need answered?

Yes, we would like to understand specifically about the increasing conversions where we are the re-sellers of the services and competing with sellers directly. We create the market about the seller and the customer goes directly to the seller. How do we control this and increase our conversions?

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