Our thanks go out to people who have contributed (and continue to contributing) to making westartup happen. 

Thank you for your time and your patience, your tough questions and your help, your advice and your ideas! 

There were so many that we had to get this list going to make sure we remember everyone: 

Yves Peirlinck, Federico Benincasa, Tjerk Homminga, Chris Van der Auwera, Peter De Groof, Peter Poelman, Ben Caudron, Pieter Vandekerckhove, John-Paul Bernbach, Charles Crouch, Nicolas Marinus, Olga Slavkina, Sean Greenaway, Jan Vanhoyweghen, Bram Met den Ancxt, Shawn Cooper, Takhir Saidov, David Hachez, Chiara Mancardi, Jeroen Meens, Ghislaine Bovy, Jean Derely, Fre Van Zande, Byron Soulopoulos, Denis Van Elslande, Philippe Creytens, Guy Rigouts, Olivier Van der Borght, Frank Boermeester, Koen Christiaens, Alessandro Fazio, Oliver Gajda, Lina Apulskytė, Luke Stephenson, Dirk Huysmans, Bruno Delepierre, Patrick Crehan, Bruno Wattenbergh, Xavier Corman, Philippe Rooseleer, Patrice Roulive, Tjorven Denorme, Ramon Suarez, Gilbert West, Davy Kestens, Dimitris Tsigos, Greg Gentschev, Sebastien Charles, Boye Hartmann, Ben Piquard, Bart Collet, Tamara Gielen, Bart Van Loon, …

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